What Would Life Be Without Technology In The Future

What Would Life Be Without Technology In The Future?

Life Without Technology In The Future

Would Life Be Worth Living Without Technology In The Future?

Much of what we do and do not know about technology can be determined by whether we view technology as an outgrowth or presence of racism. We would be ignorant of much of our technology and technological developments if not for the discrimination of our human ancestors. So technology is a consequence of what humans do to themselves.

That would mean that technologically advanced societies in the world, whether politically oppressive or liberating, necessarily entrench technology within human life. This fact is starkly evident in modern America and throughout much of the world in general.

Technology is an idealist trend of thought. Technology requires human minds that operate within the framework of what is known. That is, the alternative view is something very different. The alternative is that technology in the future world is no longer something that exists merely as the product of human thoughts but is now a practical activity in the world.

But how is it to be done? How is technology to be pursued if it is to be made available to us? What if technology is designed to assist us in perpetuating a racist outcome and, in the process, exact a collective racist result? It would be tragic in the extreme. We should all resist the notion of technology assisting racism.

Indeed, so robust and powerful is technology in shaping human life. The present struggle for democracy and justice is so burdening by the rapid accumulation of technology that we are making prisoners of our current technology.

Who Holds The Power In Our Present Age?

Technology has raised power to an incredibly high level. We hold an immense amount of technical ability to achieve things that we have never imagined and never intended. Technology is profoundly anti-democratic and anti-social.

Indeed, one wonders if technology did not serve as a stimulant for individual human aspiration and, at the same time, a significant driver of the more complex social systems of our times.

Suppose technology in our present age will fulfill its potential of helping us achieve our collective goals for humanity. In that case, we have to understand the nature of the conflict of technology as a constituent part of what will keep society in place.

Technology To The Pain

Of course, there are many aspects of technology that we can overcome, and there are things that technology can and should do. The difficulties that we will face in all of these issues arise from a fundamentally different set of problems that arise themselves. We can put good technology in place, but if we do not have sound social and political systems to accompany technology, technology can do nothing to help us.

It is not to say that technology does not help. But technology will not get us where we want to be if we have no social and political structures to handle and define technology. It is only by the power of human will that a community can overcome technology, not by some magic power that comes from technology.

The very terms “technology” and “technology-inspired technology” are problematic in this regard. Various institutions or agencies have inspired many other technological developments in the modern world. The technology itself is produced by the actions of the institutions that make the technology, not by the technology itself. That is, social interactions create technology in the future.

Technology Is Not The Object

We are human beings. It is human beings who have always been interest in the basic needs of life and human life. However, technology has been craft by humans that serve other human needs. The point is that the technology itself is part of what humans do to themselves. The social context in which technology is develop is often a pre-destined negative outcome.

Thus, technology is not an objective that we seek to build out of ourselves. We use technology to pursue human goals and human social goals. It is only by the power of human will that the very different aspects of technology can serve the social purposes of human life.

Technologies, Just Like Individuals

Thus, technology itself is a legitimate object of inquiry but technologies. Just like individuals, are only ever worthy of what we make of them and what we aim to achieve in ourselves. It is not to say that there is no opportunity to use technology to overcome racism. But, of course, racism is so deeply embed in our society. And the institutions that produce technology that it is so difficult to get away from.

Technology can do for a person, and the technologies that can help people achieve their goals will ultimately have to come from the actions. And desires of the person themselves. Technology is only worthy of consideration as a tool to achieve social goals in the full context of who we are as humans. No technology, including technological technology, will get us where we want to go if we do not have the social. And political structures to help us get there. All of the problems of technology arise not from the technology itself.

Of course, technology in the future will advance. And, of course, some technological advances are of benefit to humanity. But technology is only worthwhile for its contribution to what people make of it.

For example, technology can help us produce food and fuel. Those things that we can have now, however, are in many ways undesirable to us and all other sentient beings. They are damaging to humans and perhaps harmful to all of the other creatures we can only hope to conquer. All of the problems of technology arise not from the technology itself.

The Technology To The Pain

All of these problems are the result of technology as it is produce. There is and is always going to be pain associate with technology. Technological change is always a painful process. We will never fully get away from technology and technology-inspired technology. We will only have the potential to get away from it. However, if we do not come to terms with the pain of technological change, then the very people we are trying to help will only suffer more.

Technology is an inherent component of life and will, therefore, always make humans unhappy. We can try to minimize this pain, but it is always going to be with us.

Technologies are ultimately the responsibility of humans. These technologies exist because we created them, but the technology itself is not the objective of the technology-inspired technology, or, for that matter, the technological technology itself. Technology, just like individuals, is only worthy of what we make of them and what we aim to achieve ourselves. If you enjoyed this article, please consider becoming a patron and supporting the service that we provide.