What Is Edge Computing & Why It Matters Nowadays

What Is Edge Computing & Why It Matters Nowadays?

So what does edge computing mean today?

 It’s not just about being on the same device as the user, and it’s not about handing things off to the cloud. Computer processing has changed beyond recognition since the microchip was invented in the 1970s.  Computer hardware and software have become so complex and powerful that we can create computers and even whole edge computing systems that live within our computers.

In other words, we don’t have to use cloud servers to create computing services.

And we can also potentially use cloud storage to store the data we want to make available to all our computing devices and computing services. 

When you consider that we now have entire smartphone operating systems that can be run entirely on an edge device like an edge computing device, then you start to see how such a computing concept could become incredibly important.

It is why we’re increasingly going to see many of today’s cloud-based computing technologies being reworked to function on a similar scale to those that we already see in other types of cloud-based systems. It could become a massive opportunity for companies looking to make the most of what cloud computing could provide. And this is the theme of the Edge Computing Showcase.

The Edge Computing Showcase

The Edge Computing Showcase is a new project run by the Edge Computing Coalition (ECC).

Working of ECC

The ECC is an alliance of some of the leading computer scientists and technologists in the world. It is an open industry group working since 2014. To create a roadmap for the development of advanced edge computing systems.  It is already working with companies and researchers in predictive analytics, drone technology, drones in health, digital security, and many others. 

Besides that, ECC will also be working with government bodies like the United Nations to get international support in designing new edge computing systems.

What Makes Edge Computing So Special?

It is where the ECC comes into play. ECC is offering a brand new conference on February 26-27, 2017. Looking to focus on the latest developments in edge computer. And the conference will be an exciting event that will explore the potential of these latest developments. I could argue that it could be one of the most exciting events of the year for computer and computer science professionals. 

The highlight of the ECC conference will be the Edge Computing Networking Summit (ECNS). The ECNS will be an event looking at the new possibilities in edge computer systems. It will look at how could use these systems in a range of areas, including gaming, transportation, and agriculture.

It will be a fantastic opportunity to see new hardware systems working authentically. And the ECNS will also look at how these systems could be made to work in many different places, including local communities. It will be an exciting event. And there will be several key speakers from a range of companies who will be at the event.

If you’re a computer science or technology professional looking for a conference. That could show you what’s going on in the computing world today, then this event could be just what you need.

Coinciding with the Edge Computing Showcase will be many new computing systems. 

  • These new systems are designed to run entirely on a specific type of computing device. These devices are known as edge computer systems, and these systems could be built using any computing device. 
  • These include traditional computing devices like laptops and mobile phones. It could be what you have in your pocket today. 
  • The Edge Computing Networking Summit (ECNS) will explore possible computing devices working much more efficiently. It could be handy for things like predicting traffic and traffic issues.
  • These edge computer systems are the exact opposite of today’s cloud computing systems. Could argue that edge computing systems work on a much more local scale.
  •  It could be beneficial in areas like agriculture, where the edge is potentially much closer to the farms.

For example, if farmers can run things locally, then the edge could help them deliver valuable information to farmers. One particular application could be very useful in agriculture and is known as predictive analytics. It could be a powerful tool to help farmers predict crop failures before they happen. And it could also be an essential tool to support local farmers know if it is safe to plant particular crops.

It would also be a necessary tool for future drivers as they plan out their travel routes. Computer systems designed for an edge may seem far-fetched. But there could be a huge opportunity to do something exciting in this space. The Edge Computing Showcase is set to explore a whole range of possibilities on this topic.

Edge Computing Networks in Practice

Other new technologies and systems are also likely to be explored at the Edge Computing Showcase. The ECNS event will be looking at new edge computer systems. That can capable of running entirely on standard computers and computing devices.

For example, computing systems has develop that can be attach to a variety of different devices. One solution will be to attach computing systems to just about anything you would typically connect to a computer or a computing device.

In Crux:

The new systems are known as edge computing systems. They could make this type of system work anywhere there are everyday computing devices. And specifically, devices that could be considered the edge.

Specifically, it could be important when we look at things like cars or bicycles that can communicate with one another. Accordingly, these edge computer systems could collect information about what they are doing. For example, if a bike is also carrying information on other traffic information, it could inform how they are driving. It could be helpful to information.