What Are The Jobs That Pay You For Travel?

What Are The Jobs That Pay You For Travel?

Many industries deal in travel – airlines, hotels, car rental, travel agency airlines, hotels, vacation planning, tourism, retail, travel agencies, etc. Just think – how often do you see someone who owns a travel agency or car rental business? If you’re interested in becoming a travel consultant (or freelancer, travel writer, or travel writer), then you can choose from the hundreds of companies that offers you the jobs that pay you as a travel consultants.

Here’s a quick overview of travel-related jobs that are easy to get into (some require a college degree) and might be helpful to a future travel consultant.

Meddling Travel Consultant (The Jobs)

Travelling is expensive – like majorly expensive. For example, travelling for personal vacations (or business trips) can cost as much as $10,000 per trip (plus costs to get to and from the destination).

You can earn up to $40/hour for travel consulting in a variety of ways.

 For example, you can travel to visit clients, do marketing and advertising for the travel agency, write articles for travel publications, help customers book their trips, host conferences or trade shows, create travel brochures, create travel tools, etc.

Like blogging and writing, travel consulting is a field with many opportunities to make money doing it. 

Travelling for business can be challenging and requires lots of networking. Dozens of travel websites can connect you with lots of companies. There are tons of jobs related to business travel as well.

Teaching Travel

A college degree is helpful (especially if you want to teach internationally). However, when it comes to teaching college courses, travel websites can offer classes online.

Suppose you have experience in a particular area, such as teaching, writing, managing marketing, or managing large teams. In that case, you might be able to leverage that experience to build a successful teaching career.

Learning Sites

You can also teach yourself travel related courses on learning websites. For example, if you’re interested in writing, writing courses might be an easy way to learn to write and write courses.

Content Marketing Writers

Most marketing writers focus on blogging and social media marketing. But they also write articles and stories about travel-related topics.

With thousands of articles and stories written about the topics you’re interested in, writing and blogging for travel-related websites can earn you up to $20/hour.

Consulting Websites

Content Marketing Writers (and Writing Freelancers)

A variety of websites can also pay you for writing articles and writing blogs related to travel. For example, you might write articles for a travel website, a travel blog, or create a travel webcomic (like The Journey of Me). Most websites that pay for writing include travel publications (such as Travel Weekly, Forbes Traveler, Lonely Planet, and Conde Nast Traveler). In addition, travel-related businesses can also pay you for writing articles on their websites.

For example, you might write a blog for hotels or airlines about how you travel, how to get around, and what to do in certain cities.

Travel Bloggers

Some travel bloggers focus on writing about different travel topics – like hotels, flights, or car rental (like CheapCarRentals.com or CheapCarPants.com). Others focus on issues related to travel bloggers. For example, travel bloggers can write about travel-related products – from travel accessories to travel books to travel tips for travellers.

Like freelancers and bloggers, travel bloggers also often earn money from their blog – for writing articles or shopping products and making a sale.

Travel Blogger (Freelance Writing)

If you’re interested in earning money from writing about travel, you can write blogs for travel-related websites. For example, you might write a blog for a travel blogger to promote the blogger’s site or to promote the blogger’s travel experience.

Mere Travel Blogger

You can also write travel blog posts for travel websites.

For example, a travel blogger might write about his or her travel experiences (often with pictures) on a personal travel blog. And if the travel blogger posts the blog on their travel website, you can post your travel experiences there (to promote yourself or the travel blogger).

Other sites that pay for travel blogs include:

  • Travel Blogs

There are tons of travel blogs that write about the travel industry. And thousands of travel websites pay for blog posts. With hundreds of travel-related articles written on travel websites every month, there are many opportunities to make money blogging about travel. You might also work with a travel blog, using your travel experiences to write blog posts and guest posts.

Like blogging, working as a travel blogger can be a long-term job.

  • Travel Consultant

You can also help customers book their trips by working as a travel consultant.

For example, you might work with an international travel agency to help customers book trips. Or you might work as a travel guide. You might also work for a luxury hotel or resort. Or you might work for a luxury tour company. You might also work as a travel tour guide or go on a mission trip abroad.

Travel Travel Consulting

If you’re interested in earning money doing freelance travel consulting (or just planning your trips), you might start by working for travel agencies. Because you can be a travel consultant without a specific job at a particular travel agency, you can work for several travel agencies (as a freelance travel consultant).

For example, you might work as a travel consultant in Hawaii, Costa Rica, and other destinations. And because you have a lot of experience working with travel companies or travel companies, you can also help customers plan their trips or travel with a travel consultant.

Travel Writer (Freelance Writing)

You might also earn money as a travel writer.

For example, you might write travel articles about specific trips and destinations. Or you might write travel stories or articles about your travel experiences. And you might also write travel guides or write travel guides to specific destinations (including specific.