What Are The Common Traveling Problems Nowadays & Their Solutions?

What Are The Common Traveling Problems Nowadays & Their Solutions?

What are the common traveling problems that you will encounter when travelling?

 Of course, there are different things that all people have to deal with, but for us in the travel industry, this is the same Common Traveling Problems we have to deal with every day.

The typical travel problems and solutions we have to deal with are:

  • Break Down
  • Uncertainty
  • Travel Hours
  • Long Bus Interruptions
  • Cell Phone Network Issues
  • Luggage Issues
  • Getting Lost
  • Rental Car Problems
  • Airlines

What To Do When Traveling With Diabetes

When travelling with diabetes, you have to understand that there is a reason you have diabetes. Therefore, it would help if you learned about how to keep your blood glucose in control. 

When travelling, it is crucial to figure out what to do when travelling with diabetes. 

We know that things happen, but as travel professionals, we have found that if we can keep your blood glucose under control, you will have a more enjoyable travel experience.

 Here are some tips that we have discovered that you can use to stay in control and have a fun time travelling with diabetes.

Staying on Track

If you know that you will be travelling, get started on your diabetes management before your trip. 

  • Before travelling with diabetes, be sure to get an idea of how many blood glucose tests you need, and if you have any questions, you can ask your diabetes educator.
  •  When it comes to insulin, make sure to get it done in advance. We usually recommend checking with the person managing your diabetes on the day you travel. 
  • We typically recommend checking your blood sugar twice before leaving and then rechecking it in the morning before you go. Also, make sure that you are not missing any of your tests.

If you are travelling with a not scheduled flight, make sure that you know how you will be travelling and how you will get to the airport. Before travelling with diabetes, make sure you check all of your equipment and make sure that your blood glucose meter is ready to go.

 Also, be sure to get your medications before you leave.

You Will Have Common Traveling Problems

If You have diabetes. What we have found is that you have problems when you travel. You will have issues with food, water and food. 

When you travel, you will be going to different restaurants, food courts and hotels. 

For example, if the hotels have a menu, make sure that you understand what it is saying and that it does not say things that you do not know about diabetes. If the food court says they do not have something you know about or if the food is not what you like, make sure you bring your diabetes supplies. 

We have found that some people do not understand that if they go to a restaurant and do not understand what is going on, it is essential to call or text the travel company to find out what is happening. 

Sometimes there are problems, and sometimes there are issues. Make sure that you try to make things better for yourself. 

  • Make sure that you ask questions and if there are issues or problems, take them up with the travel companies and not only with the food providers. 
  • Also, make sure that you take water designed for people with diabetes to drink and make sure that you are taking your insulin before you eat. We know that you want to take it with food. 

We know that you want to take it at bedtime but make sure that you are taking it to keep it under control. It will keep your blood sugars under control so that you can have a fun and successful travel experience.

If you travel with diabetes, you are going to have problems.

We want to help you have a fun and enjoyable trip and to make sure that you are safe and have a fun time travelling with diabetes. We will make sure that you have fun and safe trips, but sometimes that can be not easy.

Common problems with trips to the airport include:

 1: Travelers Waiting For Clocks To Change

What should travelers do in the case of an airport delay? If you wait until after the clocks change to get to the airport. You may be facing added delays when you arrive and have to get your ticket changed.

 If you have travelled at some other time of day, you will know the delays are far worse if you have to travel at night.

Solution #1: Make Sure To Travel On A Day When The Clock Is Set Earlier

When travelling abroad, the rule of thumb is to travel on a weekday between 6 AM and 6 PM. However, travellers should take the time change into account in their travel plans and travel during the day.

 Even if you arrive late, delays will be less likely to occur since the clock is not changing to nighttime when you arrive.

Solution #2: Travel Backward Or Forward From The Time Change

Another alternative solution is to travel forward from the time change. For example, if you travel from 8 PM on a Sunday to 6 AM on a Monday. You can avoid any potential delay. 

However, this approach is more complex than travelling back to the time before the time change. Travelers should wait until the new time before departing their final destination.

Solution #3: Travel On An Early Flight When The Clock Goes Back

Travellers with connections should keep in mind that when they arrive at their final destination. The clock already is changed from local time to time change. Therefore, it may be challenging to make connections if your flight is later in the day if the clock is changing while you are in the air.